Hellmann Poultry has over fifty years of experience in the production of battery cage systems for layers. This equipment is available in our product portfolio. The battery cages are made of the top quality materials. All elements which are particularly prone to corrosion, such as manure removal machines or egg collecting machines are made of zinc-plated materials. This ensures 20 years with service second to none. Our company always aims to provide you with equipment of the highest quality, reliability and dependability – features, which products made in Germany are globally recognised for.

We supply the following products:

  • Layer battery cages;
  • Rearing battery cages;
  • Layer aviaries;
  • Rearing aviaries.

Check out detailed specification of each individual model.





Euro SO 24

Euro SO 33

Euro SU 48

Euro SU 59

Rearing batteries

Rearing cage

Aviary Pro 10

Aviary Pro 11

Aviary Pro Pullet