Egg trays

Our company offers paper pulp egg trays manufactured by CDL OMNI-PAC – a company from France.

The advantages of moulded fibre trays are numerous:

excellent quality
(safe and sturdy to protect eggs from breaking)

environmentally friendly
(made of 100% high quality, biodegradable cellulose pulp)

tasteful design
(different colour options)

We offer the following products:

  • Retail egg trays:
    for 10, 12, 15, 20, 20XL, 24 and 30 eggs.
  • Transport egg trays:
    15,5 Lbs PM, 17 Lbs, 20 Lbs, N UNI+ for 30 eggs and 25 Lbs SGM for 20 eggs 73-80g each, adjusted for stacking on EURO pallets.
  • Flat tops used on the regular egg trays make the pallets lower and more stable during transport. Moreover, they prevent the labels from being pressed inside the trays when these are used as lids of the retail egg packaging.
  • Boxes
    for 6 eggs.

Check out the booklets to find out more about concrete products and contact us to get more information.